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English Level: Beginner to Intermediate


Course Description: This course will focus on increasing students’ English capabilities. This will be achieved through reading and comprehension skills, and discussions to build students’ speaking abilities. Additionally, students’ will deepen their learning though personally connecting to the story’s theme of identity.


Course Skills: Group discussion and speaking skills, writing short responses, and critical reading skills.


Course Objectives:

  • Students will improve their critical thinking through the provided novel.
  • Students will enhance their speaking skills through the discussions topics.
  • Students will gain self-confidence through working in group discussions and presentations of their own ideas.


Method of Instruction: An introduction to the novel will be presented in lecture. Classes will be interactive where students will explore the novels theme and its meaning to self through means of group’s discussion, activities and group and individual presentations. Assignments will be done individually as well as in groups. Student will be expected to complete the homework outside of class.



  • Outsiders by S. E. Hilton
  • Writing and Discussion prompts provide by the instructor.


Assessments/Major Assignments:

  • Group presentation on a topic presented on part the reading.
  • Each student will lead in a group discussion.



Sarah Jones is the Team Leader of the Writing Department at the HSEFZ International Department. She has taught writing and literature at this school for 5 years and is a certified American teacher.

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